1. Great job on the website, ladies!

    I read that WSJ article too. I came away with this: Fear of Success and Fear of Failure. SO many of us have a fear of both.
    In another article I read in Forbes about maintaining wealth, the number one rule is staying highly centered, staying very focused. You certainly can apply that to your craft (not just building wealth, although yes, I want to build wealth from my craft!) Don’t let yourself get distracted. Find your strength and build on it without spreading yourself to do all things (jack of all trades). That’s where you run into problems because you dilute your strengths.
    Concentrate on what you do best and delegate to others. AND they say, be prepared to sacrifice and maybe some things in your life will be neglected in order to reach your goals. I read into that family.

    Unfortunately with women, we have that first full time job, raising the family, making sure everyone in the household is fed, dressed, schooled and are productive little humans in society. Women who work at jobs too and have to come home to the front. Jeez!

    No wonder we’re held back! We want to carve out an tiny spot for our business too! And be Super Mom/Wife. I have drawn plenty of lines in the sand to focus on my craft and the number one person to ask for help, is your family. You can’t do everything, you’ll go mad!
    Get them to help you, delegate them to take care of the small stuff and leave them to it. Leave them lists and make them accountable. You’ll see they can do it. From hubby to even the little ones can set a table, to take magazines to the recyclables, empty the dishwasher and strip their beds, well, you get the point.

    Sometimes they don’t even realize you’re drowning, you have to speak up and let them know. You help them, let them help you. And don’t forget to say please.

    When you let others into your team you’ll get a fresh prospective, show an idea for a pair of new eyes, road test your ideas with someone that is like-minded as you. They may know a technique you’re not aware of. Let go and you will find that more creativity flows like a rushing river. You’re the boss and you control it. This will get you out of the creativity rut.

    Who gabs more than women? Take advantage of their viewpoints, wisdom and their experiences. We’re natural cheerleaders. We need each other! My business thrives on that.

    Need more help? Go to your local high school and hire some summer help part time, right now. Teach someone, guide them, sweep the shop floor, show them the ropes. Just start once a week. Two or three hours a day. You might open a door to a new budding artist who has an unforeseen talent and how satisfying is that to watch develop? You’ll see that Hey! Maybe I can hire/handle more help and then find someone more regular when they go back to school if they don’t stay with you.

    Start small and see how it goes.

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