QuickBooks Is The Best Bookkeeping Software!!

Are You Looking For A Software Program To:

  • Work well with the IRS, CRA, your CPA or Chartered Accountant
  • Easy to use, install and operate
  • Tutorials and pop-up tips are simple and easy to understand and use.
  • The cost is affordable – especially in terms of the time you’ll save!
  • Helps Protect you from bookkeeping fraud with audit tracking
  • Use easy to understand printouts of your financials
  • Plan your budget and stick to it!
  • Show you how to use itself with “Tip,” hints you can turn on or off
  • Still ranks over  90% compatible with the accounting  and tax industry
  • Invoicing and billing stay on track
  • You can create daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly financials – Plus,  you can create bank-compliant business plans
  • You set up more than one business, and even create a personal ‘business,’ to see where your family budget is going!
  • Separate your tracking of business and personal expenses – just set up your “Home”  as a “Business” and teach kids how to budget and track their money too!  QB Lets you have multiple businesses, not just one!
  • Lets you see business trends and seasonal down times so you can plan your business hours and vacations or holidays
  • Tracking you Sales, Bills, and Expenses, is easy PLUS MORE! +++
  • Let you customize your setup with your own logo and design for all outgoing paperwork
  • You can even process credit card payments on your invoices!
  • Utilizes the most up-to-date software improvements based on real-life customer recommendations who use QuickBooks software themselves throughout the previous year — to save you both time AND money!
  • Keep your thumb on the pulse of your business!

Then you want QuickBooks!  I just got my newest 2011 version of QuickBooks and as I wait for it to arrive, I couldn’t be more excited to switch my last years records over to the newest edition of this excellent software program that I have been using since 1999.

QuickBooks works great for most ANY business.  I wouldn’t be without my QuickBooks software – NO Way!

QuickBooks has taken me through business with over 100 clients in both the USA and British Columbia — successfully meeting every one of their business needs.

Whether you are applying for a business loan, a personal loan, designing, modifying or just writing your business plan, refinancing your assets, starting out in business or upgrading or expanding your current business, you’ll find that QuickBooks meets the needs of most all business entities, even going to the extent of specializing in certain industry-specific models for those business.

QuickBooks goes the extra mile for both product and service.  Get your QuickBooks version today-Let’s compare notes!

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