Pronounce Names Right The FIRST Time!

Pronounce Names Right The FIRST Time!

Remembering Names and Pronouncing Them Correctly-Deal Makers!

Make your first 3 Minutes Count With Correct Name Pronunciations

Correct name Pronunciations-MischeleWatkins-comCheck out this cool website that tells you how to pronounce names correctly:

Pronounce Names Correctly 

The website helps you:

 — Lookup pronunciation of a name.

 — Submit pronunciation of your name so that others can pronounce it correctly.

 — Request pronunciation of a name that you do not know and would like to find out.

The importance of pronouncing names correctly matters because not paying attention to this simple courtesy can cost you to risk losing a great business deal or a golden job opportunity.  Remembering and pronouncing someone’s name correctly can and will set you in front of your competition – Consistently.

One popular method of remembering names involves the FACE acronym and was developed by Benjamin Levy;  Levy says that if you, ‘ . . .  follow these four simple steps and you will never again say, five minutes after meeting someone, “What was that guy’s name?” ‘

F – Focus:  Focus on a person’s face – Yes, this works with a picture, especially if you are practicing for an interview.

A –   Ask:  Ask them this simple question – Do you prefer Tony or Anthony? Tom or Thomas?  Susan or Sue?  Debora or Debra?

C – Comment:  Comment out loud about something about their name and record it mentally in your head For instance, “When I left college, my best friend was Debra.”

E – Employ:  Give ‘motion’ to that name by using it once more before you walk away – “I enjoyed meeting you, Thomas.”  “Thank you for coming, Anthony.” “How nice of you to meet with me, Susan.” “I hope to see you again, Debora.”

Never fear asking someone to repeat their name.  If you are still having trouble after they have repeated it a couple of times for you, it is important that you not look foolish or stupid, so ask them to spell it for you.  Thank them and excuse yourself to find a quiet corner to say their name out loud, and before you leave their presence, the meeting, the office, or the building, make an excuse to say their name to them – correctly.

If you completely forget what their name was – and before you let the conversation go any further, just stop and say, “I am sorry, but I missed your name, will you please repeat it for me?”  It’s much easier to stop a conversation right then, instead of waiting until the conversation is over and then asking their name.

Sometimes – especially in a more formal atmosphere, you may have to decide if you are talking to or greeting someone with  either their first or last name, for instance you are interviewing with a Doctor, should you call them, Dr Spock, or Glen (?).  To help you decide, simply ask them which name they prefer you address them by.  But if you are addressing an older man, or woman, they may prefer you use their title and last name.

One clever way to know which name to use if you are just meeting a person, is to say something along the lines of, “Hi, Mr. Clark, my name is Ted, I truly admire your business model.”  Normally they will smile and say something back to you like, “Thank you, Ted, you can call me Karl.”  If they do not reply with a different name, or their first name, you are well advised to continue calling them by their more formal name of, “Mr. Clark,” otherwise use the first name they provided you with (Karl in this case).

If you are told the person has a nickname then you may use it – People with hard to pronounce names often have a nickname for themselves.  And if you are networking in a roomful of new people then it is perfectly okay to ask a second time what their name is  – Simply by re-introducing yourself and offering them a hand to shake.

Always err on the side of formality instead of becoming too, ‘familiar,’ too fast.  If you don’t know, always use, Mr., Ms., or Miss Last Name.  If you are not invited to use someone’s first name, don’t assume you can.  If you do, you risk violating personal space and good manners and you’ll probably be called an ass. At that point, you may not remember their name, but they will definitely remember yours.

Remember Every Name Every Time: Corporate America’s Memory Master Reveals His Secrets

Get your relationships off to a great start with these simple tips on remembering names and name pronunciations.  Pronounce Names Right The FIRST Time!

“Find A Quiet Corner And Say Their Name out loud”

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