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Saving Money in these trying times is a chore like it hasn’t been since the depression era.

That’s why it is up to everyone to be as creative as they possibly can when it comes to creatively saving money and designing things they are willing to do to earn some extra cash for their family.

Can you pick up dog poo in a neighborhoods yard, walk dogs, repair something – anything, work as a handyman or handywoman, shop for shut-ins, deliver meals, wash cars and detail them, change oil in a car . . . This list is ONLY limited by your imagination.

Saving Money Tips on Hub Pages

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If you have credit debt and don’t have the will power to leave your card behind or cut it up, freeze it. Yes, freeze it-Literally.  

Yes, and no cheating on this awesome saving money tip, either – Don’t even think about turning o your microwave to un-thaw your card – See my Saving Money article on Hub Pages to see why! . . 

As a matter of fact – Check out my over 50 hubs on how to start saving money tips, starting a business, and some really great gift ideas, too!   See for yourself . . !


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