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. . . Mischelle believes  that  knowledge can truly transform anyone’s life.  Mischelle tells people, “Learn to see doors where there are walls.”

 Meet Mischelle  Watkins. . .


Does Mischelle wake up every morning hitting the ground with a contagious and perpetual smile on her face, ready to take on any challenge and conquer any mountain – Of course not, but she tries to stay positive about every aspect of her business and personal  life – Especially in the face of adversity.  She likes to think that her average in this area is closer to the glass being half full than it is to the glass being half empty.

Mischelle Watkins stays busy with her bookkeeping business and a marketing passion that has her jetting regularly between Vancouver BC and Portland Oregon.  A native Oregonian, she was born in a small coastal town and migrated with her family to Portland Oregon, forming life-long relationships all over the world.

A strong combination of education, knowledge, practical experience, common sense strategies and hard work have propelled Mischelle through business transitions, economic downturns and difficult challenges successfully.

Over the years of owning a bookkeeping business, and being a business owner, Mischelle picked up some easy bookkeeping tips and has learned how they can help you in your business – you’ll get helpful bookkeeping & tax tips, and business solutions at

Mischelle’s Best Business Tip:

ALWAYS own your own business.  No matter what it is.  Even if you have a full time job, do some thing – Any thing you think you might enjoy – As a side-line opportunity.

She learned tenacity and persistence at the age of 16-years-old.  She conquered a personal challenge that forced her to see doors where there were walls., Read her story here:  MY STORY.

Minding Her Own Bookkeeping Business:

mwbmw.comBookkeeping & Moreby Watkins, LLC

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  1. Hi Patricia,

    I am currently awaiting an interview I gave to go live. It is exactly the information you are looking for. I will keep you posted on when and where it airs – I am told February. It is half an hour long and goes through everything. Buit, if I could only give you three things to do right now I would say to 1: go ahead and get your company set up now (there is no reason you can’t be doing some bookkeeping right now). 2: Develop a website and social media presence on Twitter, FaceBook, Linked In and Twitter and 3: join a networking group in your area (now)- I highly recommemd BNI – Business Networking International.
    To Read:
    What to charge for your services
    Finding A New CPA
    Get Contracts With Customers – ALWAYS
    Social Media and the power of listening
    Use Social Media To Get New Customers
    Business Networking

  2. Hi Mischelle, I’m currently attending a community college with an Associates Degree in Accounting looking forward to graduation this year in the fall. I ‘m going to set-up a home based full charge bookkeeping service in my state after graduation. Mischelle since you are esbtablished in the field any tips for a newbie would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Hi webmaster, customers, and everybody else !!!
    The blog was absolutely fantastic! Lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need! Keep ’em coming you all do such a great job here and such great concepts! Can’t tell you how much I, for one appreciate all you do!

  4. Hi Robin – I never quote a price to anyone unless I see what they have that needs doing. I have shot myself in the foot way too many times on that one. I remain constant on my pricing for the sole fact that to deviate from that for people can get you in trouble if those people ever meet and compare what you did for them and what you charged. The majority of people hate the tasks you describe so they are willing to pay someone else to do it for them, but the simple task of sorting your receipts can – LITERALLY – save you hundreds of dollars. I once unfolded receipts for a fella and it took me 18 hours. I called him and said, “This one is on me because I didn’t check the bags you brought me before you left, but if you EVER bring me receipts folded up to the size of your thumbnail again, I will charge you $500.00 an hour to unfold them. He never did that again.
    Want to get clients to save money on bookkeeping then have them Go through their:
    – Bank statements
    – Credit card statements
    – Investment statements
    – Receipts
    – Donations
    – List of acquired Assets for the year – including purchase price and any taxes pd.

    Make sure they have 12 months of everything
    Spend time with them helping them to understand that if it isn’t important to them, it isn’t important to you and you cannot save them money if they are not willing to provide this information for you COMPLETELY.
    Make sure they understand that you don’t work for free and that delays will cost them money.
    Make sure they understand that they can go to an accountant for the same services of bookkeeping and pay double for that function.

    Clear communication often results in amazing relationships with people.

  5. Hi Michelle, I loved your article on pricing. It was so clear and straightforward. Where I work, clients arrive years behind in their bookkeeping, often with IRS garnishments already. They have bags of reciepts and the good ones might have most of their bank statements. Does your 2.5 min/ apply in this situation? We are inconsistant in our pricing, and you are right, the client always wants a discount. I would so appreciate your experienced view. I haven’t worked anywhere else. I look forward to reading more on your webpage. Thanks! Robin [ps, sorry if you got this 2 times]

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