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Save Time:

Having spent the last several years since 1999, in the financial industry as a bookkeeper – So you don’t have to be.

Time means money in any industry, and that translates to cash in your pocket.  If you can get help to find ways to expedite the data entry and paperwork process of your business, you’ll save money.

QuickBooks helps you save time.  There are some data entry shortcuts to help you pick up the pace of your bookkeeping.  Although you may spend some time on the front end setting some things up, you will save that time back in the end – plus!

Save Money:

Yes, QuickBooks can save you money.  It does that by giving you several write off ideas and options.  Too many people use one line item on their chart of accounts and then feel frustrated by their perceived lack of options.  There are no gray areas.  Either you have a legitimate write-off – Or you don’t.

It also saves you money by adding time back into your budget.

QuickBooks Questions – Just Ask Me!

Many QuickBooks questions have crossed my path.  If I didn’t have an answer – I found out for you.  Don’t be afraid to ask anything.  There are no, “Stupid QuickBooks questions.”

– ASK me – I will answer any questions

about your specific QuickBooks problem.

So if you need Help – ASK!

Complete the contact form on this page below and

email your question in Today!

Please be specific – Generic Questions will

be returned for additional details so that

answers are appropriate and specific to

You and Your Business!

  • QuickBooks  works for MAC users too – I’ve used both QuickBook platforms – MAC And PC Versions.




Why Use QuickBooks? – Find The Answer Here!

The article in, “Find the Answer here,” gives you a brief, but comprehensive review to help you make a good choice to meet and handle your specific business needs.  It never hurts to ask a professional for advice and I would strongly encourage you to check with your chartered accountant or CPA what their recommendations are for a good accounting software too.

Three things you want to keep in mind in choosing your accounting software:

1)  Am I compatible with what my accountant is using so that we can transfer files across the internet?

2) Am I using an accounting program that will grow with my business so that I don’t have to change my software if my business grows faster than I anticipate?  In other words – Are you choosing a software that grows with you when you need it to.

3)  Can my business afford the accounting software expense?


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