Finding A New CPA-CPA Questions You Need To Ask

CPA Questions To Ask When You Are Hiring A New CPA, Chartered Accountant, Or Bookkeeper

OR – What CPA Questions Do I Ask To Hire A New CPA, Chartered Accountant, or Bookkeeper?

Ask these CPA Questions In Your FIRST meeting.

Ask CPA Questions Early.  Okay, so you are looking for a new – or different – Accounting or bookkeeping professional.

Maybe you had a great CPA in the past, maybe you are just looking for someone new and different because you want to, or you’re feeling as if you could do better if you switched.

Whatever your reasons, there are a few things to CPA Questions to keep in mind when you are choosing a new CPA.

Tax filing season is upon us and ideally, your search has begun long before this time of the year.

The bottom line is that the sooner you start asking these CPA Questions and get started, the better, because good relationships have a chance to develop before it’s crunch time!

Overwhelmed Accountants are hard pressed in March or April to help a client who is completely new.

If you decide to show up unorganized at a CPA’s office on April 1, asking these CPA Questions and hoping to be put first in line for completion of your Schedule C and your Corporate tax filing (plus your payroll and quarterly payroll filings) . . .  Think again.

You are more than likely to be put at the end of the waiting list and will probably have to file an extension.

There are important issues that matter beyond your tax preparation.

  • You will need (and want) to find a professional who understands – specifically – your type of business and may understand your personal financial situation too.
  • You’ll also want someone you feel comfortable with. CPA Questions are one of the most important choices you will use to make your choice.

You are trusting someone else with the information that makes up your business, your assets, and your problems. Complete confidentiality.

  • Choose your  CPA questions carefully.

Most people start looking by asking CPA Questions of like-minded business owners for referrals, especially if they are in the same industry. For instance, a restaurant owner is going to want an accountant with experience in restaurants and an auto repair business will want someone with experience in auto repair… Because their knowledge and experience in that area is important.

  • Once you have some names to call, make an interview appointment with that person. Do not be shy when it comes to asking probing CPA questions about a CPA’s experience and background.

Those people are handling all of your issues regarding your financial security. It’s not out of the ordinary to ask these CPA questions.

Good CPA questions to ask –

  • Has anyone ever sued you for malpractice?
  • Have you ever been reported for malpractice?
  • Do you have references?
  • May I have three references?
  • When you call the references ask them:
    • (1)  How that accountant works with them(?)
    • (2)  Whether or not they are satisfied with the service/s they are getting(?)
  • Do I pay by the hour as I go along?
  • OR, one lump sum for designated services (contracted services)?
  • Do you require a retainer?
  • Is the retainer applied to my balance or is additional money due?

Often people with a small business require the help of a CPA who knows more than tax prep.

They need a person who is willing to also give them business advise.

Not just their business, but their lives in relation to their business – vacations (for instance) that can be taken as business trips.

Those kinds of business owners need quarterly tax help, business projections, tax projections, and generally want a comptroller type of accountant to watch over them.

If you are that kind of business person then another of the CPA questions you need to ask is:

(1)  Is that accountant is willing to work with you in that capacity?
(2) What percentage of their client base makes up those kinds of clients?

For example, you’ll want to know if you can get the numbers you need for projections in time for your year-end meetings.

CPA Questions
And some business owners want even more help yet – They want a CPA who will also do their bookkeeping.

Watch out for this accounting/bookkeeping combination for the simple reason that a bookkeeper AND a CPA can work together and a bookkeeper will – in general – charge less than a CPA to do the same work.

Plus you have the added bonus of two set of eyes cross-checking the work of the other, therefore your chances of theft are lowered. Theft is big business these days.

Other CPA questions you want to ask include:

  • If I am audited by the IRS will you handle the audit for me?
  • Do you provide correcting general journal entries to my bookkeeper at the end of the year when my taxes are filed or do you charge extra for that?
  • Do you do on-site visits for tax, ‘health checkups?’

Coming from the side of the accountant you want to hear them asking YOU these CPA questions:

  • What areas do you need help in? (Corporate taxes, individual taxes, business succession, estate planning, strategic planning are just a few of the things they should be asking you about).

The best CPA question will be saved for last by any good accountant:

  • Why are you changing accountants?

Have a good answer ready, because if you answer this one with, “I didn’t want to pay them,” you’ll be told by the person you are talking to that they . . . “Aren’t accepting any new clients right now.”

It’s a small community and accountants call each other.

CPA Questions
Finding a good CPA and bookkeeper can be scary, so use these simple CPA Questions and tips to get started.

There’s more to picking a good CPA (and bookkeeper) than just crossing your fingers!

Don’t skip this crucial step in hiring a new accounting professional – Ask CPA Questions Early!

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CPA QuestionsCPA Questions CPA QuestionsCPA Questions


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