Easy Filing System Set Up-Easy Filing Method

Easy Filing Method  For Business Owners

Easy Filing Method System:  Setup

Easy Filing Method:  Color-Coded Affordable Filing System

easy filing method

Filing systems are best set up with color-coded systems related to your Chart of Accounts.

  • No need to buy expensive colored folders:
  • Use colored markers or
  • An Easy Filing Method uses color coded file labels.

Begin by Organizing your easy filing method files into categories from your chart of Accounts.
Within those categories organize those files into these easy filing method sub-categories:

Color Category Name Sub Categories (Items Included)
GREEN Banking and Financial Bank Statements
Deposit slips
Canceled checks
Reconciliation reports
Credit card statements
BLUE  Legal Corporate paperwork – Insurance Policies, Licenses and Permits, Fees
YELLOW Expenses and Vendors A-Z folders divided with vendors who
you have repeated business with
classified into their own folders
ORANGE Customers A-Z divided folders with customers who
you have repeated business with
classified into their own folders
   RED  Payroll/Employee NEVER destroy payroll or employee files
Unless you sell or dissolve your business –
This is because you may need that paperwork to defend yourself in a lawsuit down the road.

When it comes to tossing Employee paperwork from your Easy filing method files, The Saddest Words are these,
“If only I had kept THAT!”

Date Order  -Begin With Current Dates To Oldest-

The quickest and easiest way to find something in an easy filing method system is if it is in date order – Most current date first!

What To Do Yearly:

  • Purge your files every year and store them in one box if you can (unless you need paperwork for a project, billing invoice or whatever carryover needs you may have).
  • Start over with new files at the beginning of each year.
  • Individual customer files are not necessary unless you have large volumes of repeated work with that customer.
  • Put previous year stored paperwork where you can find it – REALLY.
  • Clearly mark the date on the box.
  • Now forget about it for seven years. I mean it – SEVEN LONG YEARS!!

Get Started Today! Follow these basic guidelines to get your own business filing in place With your Easy Filing Method!

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