Credit Repair – How Do You Fix Your Credit!

This Economy has Credit Repair Companies Salivating To “Help YOU” With Your Debt Problems.

A Credit Repair Company Interview-National Credit Auditors Inc., Exposed

This credit repair company information is  designed to help you spot a scam and get the kind of help you truly may need.

I know what it feels like to lose a home and watch your financial world spiral out of control until it finally collapses and you feel like you’d rather die than get out of bed one more time to answer another one of, . . . “Those Calls!”  Yes, you know – the kind of telephone call involving a collection agency.

I met Chuck Hulse, Owner of a credit repair company called National Credit Auditors Inc., in 2002.

Chuck was having a business discussion with the business owner next door to my office and I overheard them talking.  When their conversation ended, I politely asked him if I could ask him a few questions and he agreed.

As of 2011, National Credit Auditors, Inc. has been in operation for twenty years.  That is an amazing longevity record for a credit repair company.  Most credit repair companies go in and out of business within a  2-5 year period.  That’s because those credit repair companies scam people then take their clients money and  . . . RUN.

Seeing no point in hedging or skirting the truth, I simply told Chuck about my situation and asked him if he could help someone like me.  “Yes, ” he nodded enthusiastically.  Somehow, just sharing my story with someone who understood it completely lessened my burden and stress level.

My Short Credit Repair Version:

– I used National Credit Auditors, Inc. credit repair services.  They were hugely helpful, supportive, upbeat about my situation and knowledgeable about the process.

In less than two years, I was back on my feet and moving forward, not stuck in a perpetual debt nightmare.  Credit Repair worked for me.

I called Chuck recently to see what he was doing and he had let go of his former partner, and gone back to his original methods of doing business, going back to his original name of National Credit Auditors, Inc., and is completely excited about his credit repair business.  I asked Chuck these questions:

1.  What are the biggest fears of people you deal with in Credit Repair?

” . . . In the business of credit repair, We help our customers by removing all negative credit history items from their credit reports thus giving them the ability to have an incredibly high credit score.

What they choose to do with this score is up to them, but some of the things our clients do are as follows:

  • Buy a new home at historically low rates
  • Get 0% interest credit cards
  • buy or lease a new vehicle
  • Or refinance their home to keep from having to foreclose.
  • Alternatively, we also do damage control – if someone has to declare bankruptcy, or have a foreclosure, or a tax lien, we can help remove those as well.”

2.  What is the biggest problem (obstacles) you have in the credit repair business – In the credit repair industry?

” . . . The  largest obstacle at National Credit Auditors, Inc. is keeping our clients attention on the credit repair process and making sure they continue to get us the letters when they come in.

There isn’t anything we can’t remove provided enough time and client compliance.”  *

* Credit Repair Tip:  Clients give National Credit Auditors, Inc. their credit report information and when they get a credit report back from the credit reporting agency, they forward that original credit report on to National Credit Auditors, Inc. to continue the process.  Clients often get behind in this process and to be successful they must be actively involved in returning those reports or their files will stagnate and they have to keep starting over.

The best ting people can do is set up an easy filing system to deal with their paperwork and stay on track with their credit repair process.

3.  What credit repair services do you offer at National Credit Auditors, Inc.?

  • Inquiry Removal
  • Single Item Removal
  • Full Credit Repair

Inquiry Removal is a flat rate to remove up to a certain number of inquiries off of your report for a quick score boost before a loan that’s about to close.

Single Item Removal is to remove one, random, negative item from your report for mostly spotless credit reports that just need an item here or there removed.

Full credit repair removes every negative item from all three bureaus within the contract time or your money back. (We can’t legally guarantee 100% success, so instead we give a 100% money back guarantee and explain that we’ve never had to use it.)

4.  Do you help people if they want to do their own credit repair?

” . . . No we do not.  Too much is involved in the process.”

5.  How many people are in National Credit Auditors, Inc. Organization?

” . . . We don’t disclose this information. But enough that we never have to worry about client overload, and few enough to make sure we can keep wholesale prices.”

6.  Are there things that National Credit Auditors, Inc. will not remove?   What are those things?

” . . .  We have the capability to remove any/all items from credit reports, for moral reasons the only things we almost never remove are child support cases. We’ve done it a couple times, but they were very extreme cases and we required proof of foul play to ease our conscience.

7.  What if people can’t afford you but desperately need a credit repair service – What can they do on their own to save time and money?

” . . .  National Credit Auditors, Inc., has payment plans available for Full Credit Repair services that allow people to pay over multiple months.

To be honest, we have found if people can’t afford at least $300 per month for a couple short months, it’s not important enough for them to fix it, or they aren’t financially stable enough to actually repair their credit and most likely more negative items will still be popping up shortly.

If your credit is important to you, enough that you understand that having below a 620 credit score is actually costing you, monthly, hundreds of dollars, then you can afford the services of National Credit Auditors, Inc. Credit Repair.

National Credit Auditors, Inc. credit repair clients are willing to cut out their daily coffee habits by brewing their own coffee at home just to make payments (and one of our clients even lost  20 lbs in the process), but it was worth it to them and they thanked us every step of the way.

National Credit Auditors, Inc. is happy to give advice in any area of their clients financial needs including investments, banking, loans, savings, college funds, IRAs etc to help people manage their money as well as manage their credit score.

Any and all advice is always free of charge to any National Credit Auditors, client.”

8.  How long does it take to remove negative credit history?

” . . . National Credit Auditors, Inc. is 100% successful of removing anything that someone who sticks with the program wants off in the contract terms (18 months), but their average client (all client months added together then divided by how many clients) is 7.3 months to remove everything.

The majority of clients finishing somewhere between six and nine months after starting with National Credit Auditors, Inc. Having fewer credit items to repair does not necessarily speed up the process.”

Credit Repaircredit repair
credit repaircredit repair

What Would you watch out for in the business of Credit Repair?

An unproven track record with a company in business for only a short term.

False slogans – For Example:

  • “We can remove Anything . . . FOREVER!”  “Create a new credit identity — legally.”

How to recognize a credit repair scam:

  • Money up front – The (unlicensed) credit repair company requires a full fee paid for credit repair services before they provide a single  service to you.
  • Credit Repair Tip:   It is only legal to charge up front by a LICENSED credit repair company, which National Credit Auditors, Inc. is, with the state of Washington and Oregon. Unlicensed credit repair companies, aka any random Joe Schmoe who wants to repair credit, has to either charge after they do the work or charge a monthly subscription. Monthly subscriptions are the biggest credit repair scams in the industry, because it’s an industry that is 95%+ owned and operated by people who have no clue how to actually fully clean a credit report.  They simply know how to send letters in like every other person on the internet who can use google search. They have a very very low rate of success on removing items. Especially difficult items like foreclosures and bankruptcies and tax liens. The only way they are able to actually boast high amounts of item removals are because they have such a large subscription base.  Lexington law for example is the biggest credit repair scam in the country. They boast over 1 million items removed each year, but they actually have over 2 million clients as of 2010. So that means all they did was on average, removed 1 item over an entire year (Average cost of $1200+ for a full year of Lexington laws services) per client.  We remove on average 13 items per client.  When your only source of income is a monthly payment, why would you ever be in a hurry to remove as many items as possible? You’re cutting your own legs out from under you, in a business sense.

  • The credit repair company suggests that you try to invent a “new” credit identity — and then, a new credit report — by applying for an Employer Identification Number to use instead of your Social Security number.

The Credit Repair Organizations Act States:

Credit repair organizations must give you a copy of the “Consumer Credit File Rights Under State and Federal Law” before you sign a contract. They also must give you a written contract that spells out your rights and obligations. Read these documents before you sign anything. And before signing, know that a credit repair company cannot:

  • Make false claims about their services
  • Charge you until they have completed the promised services (again, this only applies to non licensed companies)
  • Perform any services until they have your signature on a written contract and have completed a three-day waiting period. During this time, you can cancel the contract without paying any fees.

Before you sign a credit repair contract, be sure it specifies:

  • Payment terms for services, including the total cost
  • Description detail of the services the company will perform
  • How long it will take to achieve the result
  • Any company guarantees the company states
  • The company’s name and business address

Can you really do your own Credit Repair?

You bet you can, but you can also do your  own root canal – But would you have the same level of success as your dentist?

I’m not being cynical on purpose, but I am letting you know that there is a way and a not good way to talk to credit reporting agency and most people don’t know the difference.

Those good intentioned people often end up validating debt they may NOT actually owe or be responsible for and THAT is why I say these things.

Once that debt is ‘validated’ by Joe Person, who wasn’t sure what he was talking about, it becomes almost impossible to get that item removed successfully.

For Example – An estate DOES NOT inherit certain debt from a loved one who passes away, but a good greedy collection agency will threaten you anyway and may even post that debt to your credit history.

That’s why letting a true credit repair specialist help you is important.

I know taking this step is not an easy one.  I do not make light of anyone’s situation.  I wish you every success and happiness and hope that you (like I did) find some comfort with the credit repair process with Chuck at National Credit Auditors, Inc.  Call today for credit repair help now.

Corporate Office Contact Information: 

National Credit Auditors, Inc. 

E-Mail:  Chuck Hulse –

Phone:  360-606-7187 cell or text

Office Hours: 
9am-6pm ( Monday – Friday)

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