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Business Books are essential as reference resources

No matter whether you are a business owner, or business professional, these are the books that I use and highly recommend for anyone needing a little extra help in the way of developing or understanding software and/or business.

Business Books For Dummies are written in plain English!

Business Books For Dummies are easy to understand!

WHY – Because Business Books For Dummies take the technical jargon out of the mix so that laypersons understand the explanations!

When it comes to the Dummies books for QuickBooks, I can’t keep mine on the shelf.  The older versions of QuickBooks for Dummies books will also work in new versions of QuickBooks Software.  Beware, though of using over a five-year span, though.  Real improvements in the software will require at least a book within a five-year range of your software.

What is the Difference Between Canada and the USA When It Comes To Record Keeping and Keeping your Business Books?

Except for BC taxes (GST/PST/HST) there is little difference between QB USA and QB Canada. When it comes to learning the software. these two programs are very interchangeable, except when it comes to exchanging files with your CPA, but not otherwise!

Business Books that give you Affordable Business Solutions!

No Matter what program you use or which business books you choose, there is nothing more frustrating that needing to understand something and not being able to find what you need quickly.

Read this article on how you can save money in your business.

These business books for dummies really do take the guess work away so that you can focus on the part of your business you need to – The part that makes you money!

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