7 Easy Tips to Help Manage Your Time

Time Management Tips

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7 Easy to Use Time Management Tips

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It’s that time of year when it’s time to get better organized and think about the closets that need cleaning in the Spring.

Start your year with these 7 Time Management Tips Everybody benefits From!

With a new year, maybe you are starting a new job or job search and have to adapt to new schedules,  kids starting school after a long holiday, getting your books and taxes in order, starting a new class, or just getting your time management needs organized.

Does your car need some TLC, how about those closets!  And, that bag of receipts – Managing your Time can feel like an impossible task!

But it doesn’t have to because you have the advantage of days becoming longer right now. Time Management Tools start with these 7 easy tips!

7 Time Management Tips That Get Results!

1)  Get your family involved and create your family plan.

Make sure you write down and post on a calendar as far in advance as possible – School breaks, family vacations, lessons that aren’t included in a regular school schedule, school plays, sports, practice sessions, art, community groups.  Get Birthdays of not just immediate family members, but  all the birthdays you celebrate with others on your calendar now!

2)  Develop a detailed itinerary for you and everyone in the family and post it monthly in an obvious visual area.

Important details may mean dates/times/place/location/contact information.  That makes for a readable and understandable schedule that everyone can see.  It’s also  great way to see if you are overdoing it – Making too many plans that you can’t possibly accomplish!

3)  Once you can see your schedule, you can decide whether or not there are too many things on it for you to do, or if you can fit in that art class you’ve always wanted to take.

If there are too many things on your schedule, get rid of them – Erase and Do Over.  If you can’t keep up then, “STOP THE INSANITY,” and get rid of a few things on your calendar. Sometimes Time Management means acknowledging that you Just Can’t Do It All.  You MUST schedule breathing room!

4)  Want to get in that bikini shape you promised yourself.

 . . . Right after you dove into the holiday fudge and second martini – Then Get Your Ass out of bed earlier and hit the gym or the floor or take a walk.  Or, maybe you have a book you want to read.  That first thing in the morning time can really be a mental health boost if you have personal/work goals you want to achieve and  . . . ‘Just Can’t find the time.’  You do have time-You’re playing an old record in your head-Break bad habits like those.

5)  We know, kids hate chores, but you are NOT super human.

Let kids take responsibility for those things that are age appropriate – A Two year old can empty small garbage cans, for instance.  Are you a control freak – get Counseling and let other people help you around the house – Not only will it give family members a sense of pride to participate and do a good job, but you may find out that there are other ways to do things and that they work just as well (Or Better) than your own ideas.  And it takes the arrow off your back to get other things done.

6)  Get real about what you want and expect and what the results may actually be.

For instance do you have three children going to three different activities on the same day, at the same time – That’s not realistic, but you knew that already, so make a plan that works for everyone.

7)  Peace of mind takes planning – Sometimes the quick fix is better than going all out.

For instance, dump ALL your receipts in one bag, sort them by month or by category (example: All travel receipts in one envelope).  Now enter the receipts into an excel spreadsheet or hand journal for your accountant – one envelope at a time.  In 12 days you’ll be finished and it may only take 10-20 minutes data entry per day.  Plus if you do it yourself, you pay only in your time.  If you let a bookkeeper or accountant do it you pay $25 – $130 (or more), so decide if your budget can take less heat by doing it yourself.

NEVER Do Anything on an empty stomach – Always Start your Day With Breakfast!

Use these quick and simple Time Management Tips to make your world a better place.  It will pay off with, “Time Management,”dividends . . . Priceless!