Start A Business – 14 Start-Up Ideas

Start A Business – 14 Start-Up Ideas

Start Your Own Business – 14 Cost Effective Business Ideas You Can Do From Home

Work At Home:  Start A Business – Start Your Own


Starting your own business is rewarding if you have the mindset that you will work 12 hour days, 7 days a week for the first 2 years from when you first start a business.

Most people have a halo around the idea of being their own boss, but you are your own bitch until you get that business into a profit-producing phase when you start a business.  When you start a business you are CEO, Janitor, Receptionist, Bookkeeper, Office Manager,  . . .  and more!

It’s not easy to get out of bed every single day and go to work in your own business as if you were an employee.  It’s just not that easy.  But it is worth it if you can make yourself perform and build your business.  I can say that because I started my business in 1999, and STILL  Love the idea of anyone who wants to start a business.

Start a Business:  14 Easy Start-Up Ideas

1 – Mowing lawns – Make up flyers and post them all over town.  Add edging and wed pulling for extra income when you start a business.

2 – Housekeeping – Many opportunities to start a business here – especially if you make connections easy – Local networking groups are excellent places to spread the word about your services when you start a business.  Add window washing and extra services once you start a business to increase income.

3 – Curb Painting – Go to your nearest City Hall and find out how to get started with this opportunity.  Cost is approximately $120.00 for stencils, business license and registration with your city.  Chamber of commerce is the best place to network when you start a business.

4 – Handy Person – Easy Repairs that shut ins and local homeowners either can’t do themselves, or need help with.

5 – Moving Helper – Do you have a car or van, or can you rent a moving van and help people move – Laundromats have great community billboards for your services.

6 – Bookkeeping – Minimal costs for start-up.   Normally all you need is a computer and a calculator to get started.  Often you can connect with local accountants during tax season to get to know them and request they contact you for any overflow work.

Don’t lie and don’t cheat your clients.  Be honest about your knowledge and expertise.

Even if all you do is look for clients who need help with their bookkeeping by organizing receipts and entering data onto a spreadsheet for their accountant.  There is a need for those services.  There always has been and there always will be.

When you first start a business check with local area bookkeepers on their pricing and services.  If you need to learn a new skill (like Payroll), go to your local state and federal agency and ask them to walk you through how to prepare those reports.  Quickbooks has an easy payroll program you could learn.  If you know how to do payroll, you can charge for that extra service.

7 – Dog Walker, dog washer, or poopy scooper for busy pet owners with outdoor pets or condo owners who need to let the pet out during the day – Potty Break Pals.  Once you start a business and get a few clients, you may even want to hire some local college or high school students to help you.

8 – Tutor – Music, ESL, Sports, Art.  Whatever you know how to do well – teach a retired person how to use the computer – use that talent when you start a business to be a tutor and post fliers.

9 – Home Office Administrator – Virtual Office Helper – No need to be an in-house employee anymore!  Start a “Clutter Control” Business to help people get organized.  Start a “Donations” Business to help hoarders sort through their stuff and get them a tax write-off by taking pictures of their donation, listing those items for them and then carting them off.

10-Tour Guide For your Local Area – Love hiking, biking, outdoor activities, post fliers, go to travel agencies and promote your service, make up brochures for local bike stores, set up a website and promote yourself and become an affiliate marketer for those products that your customers would need and/or want.  When you start a business go to local Museums, libraries, where tourists go to post flyers.  Head over to for more ideas!

11-Meal Preparer or personal cook for a busy family, organization, retirement home, or business group – Or all these people!  How about setting up a Lemonade, or cool beverages stand. Start a FUN business  – Get a cooler with wheels, stock it with ice cream and sell ice cream bars.

12-Day Care Center – Not heavy in start-up costs, but do your due diligence on rules, regs, permits and policy requirements!

13 – Party Planning, wedding organizer, Personal Shopper – Charge a percentage of the total cost for the goods you purchase and run an ad in your local paper for your services.

14-Coach or fitness trainer – No gym needed – Go outside, host an outdoor workout class, start a walking group, and don’t focus on one age group – Kids need fitness trainers too!  Even pets  need fitness trainers!

Important Start A Business Tip:

  • Don’t quit your day job until you are making enough money to pay your rent and bills.

Imagine when you start a business, waking up everyday and going to work in a job you love.

That’s what I’m talking about!  Start A Business.


Start A Business BONUS IDEA:

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