8 Qualities of Wealthy Women-Suze Orman

8 Qualities of Wealthy Women According to Suze Orman

Suze Orman likes to talk about wealthy women, wealth and financial freedom.  In my humble opinion, Orman has some common sense  ideas and tips for becoming wealthy women that are worth listening to!

The program she has on what the Qualities of Wealthy Women are is the one I found the incredible value in.  This article on wealthy women first came to my attention from being a group leader for a women’s group on empowerment.

Suze Orman Wealthy Women Strategy has a way of exposing myths and half truths that we lie to ourselves about in such a way that makes absolute, perfect sense.

She takes the illusion out of the excuses we use to brainwash ourselves with and hits us right between the eyes with ideas and tips that are not only easy to follow, but especially easy to understand.

Suze Orman 8 Qualities of Wealthy Women is worth thinking about and really sinking your teeth into:

Besides money, a wealthy woman has certain qualities that serve as guideposts to make sure she’s always walking toward wealth rather than away from wealth.

Harmony and Balance of Wealthy Women.

Harmony is the agreement between what you think, say, and do.

Balance is the state of stability in which you’re able to make sound judgments that will enhance your financial security.

When you use a loan for in vitro fertilization that will leave you so deeply in debt that it would be difficult to care for your new child, you forsake harmony.

Aligning your thoughts, words, and actions will put wealthy women on a path to balance—and emotional and financial well-being.

Wisdom and Courage of Wealthy Women.

The ability to make (not just think about) sensible decisions that respect your needs takes wisdom, the voice of experience that’s inside all wealthy woman.

Courage, the catalyst that creates harmony by uniting our thoughts with our actions, is what lets wealthy women assert their opinions confidently.

To tell your mother that you love her but can’t ruin your financial life to save hers requires wisdom and courage.

No wealthy woman can control her destiny if she doesn’t give to herself as much as she gives of herself.

That’s why it is so important to exercise caution and not to co-sign loans or deplete your emergency cash savings to bail out someone. While those acts seem helpful, they leave wealthy women financially at risk.

Happiness manifests itself through generosity—when, for example, wealthy women who makes donations that help others yet don’t deplete her.

Cleanliness and Beauty of Wealthy Women.

Removing clutter and chaos from our lives brings clarity, which makes it easier to achieve what wealthy women want.

From emptying closets of unused stuff to streamlining your wallet, cleanliness is a sign that wealthy women are in control.

And by bringing the first seven qualities into your life, wealthy women feel beautiful.

When you commit to finding harmony and balance, you have the courage to make wise decisions that are as generous to you as they are to others.

This leads to deep, unwavering happiness and brings beauty into your life.

– Adapted from Suze Orman’s book,Women & Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny(Spiegel & Grau). –

Suze Orman in summary, . . .  Celebrate YOU and All Wealthy Women!

Fear keeps you from acting – Take action to quiet that fear.

Don’t turn your back on the battlefield – Take action.

  • Thoughts create Destiny
  • Words create Action
  • Actions create Destiny

When you are empowered by what you are giving, you are being generous.  Be as generous to yourself as you are to others. Charging a gift for someone is – NOT–  being generous.

It is not going to make you happy to incur extra debt.

That is not being generous.  That is selfishly ignoring your own financial needs for instant gratification-so that you can feel good about yourself for taking care of someone else.

Be clean, in your surroundings, your work area, your automobile, your space so that you invite wealth into your life.

Inner beauty and strength give you inner confidence.  Wealthy Women know your own worth and power and in that they create wisdom, hence beauty and strength.

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Here’s to the Wealthy Women in YOU!

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